New Slider from GlideTrack

Posted on July 15, 2012 by Zach Jacques

Looking to add some more cinematic motion to my shots, along with enhancing my handheld work, I purchased a small “slider” from Glidetrack.  When the slider is on a tripod or resting on the ground, I can get subtle gliding motion that adds a nice professional look to different shots.  Previously these types of moves could only be done using much larger equipment, e.g. dolly tracks, and required lengthy set ups.  The Glidetrack simply snaps onto a tripod and is ready to shoot in seconds.  On the end of the unit are two handles which can fold down and be used to support the Glidetrack as a handheld shoulder rig.  It makes for a great all-around set up on fast paced shoots, allowing me to get smooth dolly shots and then transition instantly to a stable shoulder mount set up to follow the action. 

Move to NY

Posted on August 12, 2012 by Zach Jacques

I’ve relocated to NY and look forward to collaborating on new projects in the area.  I hope to maintain my relationships in California, and for opportunities that allow me to travel there again.  With compact portable gear, I can travel far and fast.