About Me

I have been working in the field of photography, film, and video production for over a decade, affording me the opportunity to gain experience on a wide range of projects. The majority of my experience came over the last 10 years working in San Francisco with professional crews on large productions and on smaller projects for local businesses.

In addition to working in film and video, I've worked as a senior director at a medical imaging services company for nine years, where I managed an international team responsible for delivering quality image data to large pharmaceutical companies. This corporate experience has provided me with a chance to build my leadership skills, working with people from diverse backgrounds on large budget projects, and with tight timelines.

While in California, I studied film production and cinematography at San Francisco State University, San Francisco City College, and the Film Arts Foundation. Prior to studying film, I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at the State University of New York at Geneseo. My scientific education and industry experience have given me the ability to quickly understand protocols for medical and scientific shoots.

I now live in Upstate New York with my wife and two children. I enjoy working here with local businesses and traveling afar to work with remote companies. Below are links to my resume and to my IMDb profile:

My Resume

My IMDb Page

Thank you again for stopping by my site.